Rusto Games is an independent developer based in the frozen wastelands of Kajaani, Finland. Founded in 2011 Rusto has a varied history of developing mobile, PC & Console games. Rusto is currently working on Beverage: The Last Call and developing numerous contracted projects on the side.

Our Games

Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters is a ludicrous physics based ragdoll brawler with over the top combat, online multiplayer and customizable characters.

Beverage: The Last Call is a 1-4-player beat em’ up with roguelike elements featuring a tale of how drunken underdogs save the universe with the power of booze and friendship.

A roguelite twin-stick shooter. Your mission is to defeat the cops gone mad in this action-packed game. Beware, their mission is to destroy humanity. The fate of the whole mankind is in your hands. Are you brave enough to take on the mission?

Check out what other mobile, console and PC-projects we have made in the past!

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