About the Game

Drunken Brawl Madness

Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters is a ludicrous physics based ragdoll brawler with over the top combat, online multiplayer and customizable characters.

Drunken Kung-Fu

Smash other players out off the levels and prove who is the true Wasted Master


Up to 8 players locally & online with any combination of local & online users

8 Levels

Brawl around the world in 8 unique levels in multiple different game modes

Wacky Ragdolls

Real-time drunken goony ragdoll physics

Customizable Goons

Customize your Goons skin and clothing to show your impeccable taste

Screenshot from the helipad-level
Screenshot from the Kuja level
Screenshot from the Beach Bar level
Screenshot from the Saloon level
Screenshot from the Midsummer level
Screenshot from the Chimney level
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